DELTAone Is Bringing Goro's to Singapore With Its Latest Boutique

Regarded as the foremost trusted second-hand retailer of goro’s in the world, DELTAone, founded in 2013, in Tokyo’s Harajuku district is now readying to open its first Southeast Asia expansion. Setting up shop at Mandarin Gallery, Orchard Road in Singapore, the new location joins DELTAone’s seven retail stores (Harajuku, Shinjuku, Nagoya, Osaka, Hong Kong).

DELTAone is known for holding 5,000 inventories at all times and has sold over 520,000 units of goro’s items to date. The second-hand retailer also specializes in the authentication of goro’s items, pledging to only offer genuine goro’s to fan across the world.

Goro’s is a legendary Japanese jewelry brand by the late designer Goro Takahashi. Born in 1939, the Tokyo native found his passion for leather crafting at the age of 16, when he met an American soldier that taught him leather carving techniques and gifted him with a toolset. His interest would lead him to the United States to learn from various Native American communities. Becoming fascinated by indigenous silver engraving, culture, and lifestyle, developing a close bond with the Lakota tribe.

Goro Takahashi would become the first non-Lakota to participate in the sacred “Sun Dance” ritual and given the title “Yellow Eagle.” The eagle was a symbol of the East, and yellow represented the color of the East on the medicine wheel. In 1972, the goro’s shop was opened in Tokyo’s Omotesando-dori and sees over 300 person queues every day starting from 11 a.m. in the morning.

DELTAone Singapore will be opened May 10 and will offer the Eagle and Feather collection from goro’s. Customers can also book consultation sessions to build their own one-of-a-kind goro’s jewellery, including adding chains, cords, feathers, and other pendants. [Source: hypebeast]


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