Bat Blessings

How Could You Miss It - Bat Blessings (phonetically similar to 'good fortune' in Chinese, meaning happiness and benefit), many things in life have two sides, negatives always have positives, losses often lead to gains, misfortunes can bring blessings... When happiness arrives, do you choose to dwell on past pains or fully embrace the present joy? I believe the answer is clear. This bat pendant is named 'Bat Blessings,' with the hope that all the good things wished for by friends will come true. Moreover, 'Bat Blessings' sounds like 'good fortune,' aiming for everyone to lead a happy life.

元稹《长庆集》十五《景中秋》诗:“帘断萤火入,窗明蝙蝠飞。” 蝙蝠简称“蝠”,因“蝠”与“福”谐音,人们以蝠表示福气,福禄寿喜等祥瑞。民间绘画中画五只蝙蝠,意为《五福临门》。
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